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Doing Social Media With a Purpose

Do you think social media is taking over our world? If you said yes, you are right!

According to We are Social, more than half of the world's population uses the internet. The statistics show 2.80 billion social media users in 2017! (Those are some significant numbers - who knew we had that many users on social media.)

Social media is used for different purposes, such as using it for personal/leisure or for professional reasons.

We remember when we started using social media through our personal accounts, we didn't know much and simply used it to keep in touch with friends and family from all around the world.

Back then, we didn't know about the business aspect of social media. After college and after jumping into reality called “working” was when we started paying attention to the digital marketing world.

It is fascinating to see how online social media apps are so powerful. Think about it. A post on an online platform has the ability to turn a viewer into a customer, which can turn into income, crazy right?!

BUT, you have to pay attention to your online marketing strategy. Misconceptions happen frequently when people think about social media; people are not aware of how to use social media correctly to help their businesses.

It’s not as simple as you think - it’s not just about posting a picture with a couple of hashtags, it takes so much more than that. Using social media to create a following is very time consuming, which is why FDT is here to help you with your social media marketing.

Alright, we will give you some FDT tips to get your social media on the right path with a purpose:

1) Most business accounts are using social media to drive leads or to generate more traffic into their websites. SO know where your leads are coming from, check Google Analytics or other data analysis measures so you can focus your time on where revenue is generating from.

2) After you know where your money is coming from then focus on this specific target audience. Social media isn’t where business happens, it’s where you build organic online relationships. "Organic" meaning, building a relationship naturally as you would with someone face to face. The toughest part occurs after the relationship has been made which is the transition from an organic prospect to an actual customer.

3) Don’t use social media just because everyone is doing it. Do it with a purpose!

4) If you live and breathe your business, share your passion with all of us!

5) Connect with the right people.

6) Follow your favorite influencers, and learn how they do it!

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