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3 New Instagram Updates


If you have an IG account for your business then you will most likely like this news.

Instagram is FINALLY bringing some changes that will help businesses! Can we say freaking YES?! 🙏 They are improving the messaging capabilities between businesses and customers.

Now, your business account will be able to receive important messages from customers straight into your inbox instead of being in the “request” folder until you approve the message. You know that if a person isn’t following you and he/she sends you a private message, then it’s going into this “pending” folder until you approve without a notification. Instagram has seen how it has been affecting potential communication between businesses and potential customers.

Wait! It’s not over 😀 Another great feature is adding the quick replies, these template responses like we have in our phones when we get a text message. You can now set up these basic message responses to common questions 😃 It will be simple responses but the message will be clear 😉

Wait again! More features will roll out soon! Instagram will also add in ‘Action Buttons’ for businesses! Isn't this great?

“Through our action buttons, people can now ‘Reserve’, ‘Get Tickets’, ‘Start Order’ or ‘Book’ through popular, third-party partners without having to leave Instagram.” - Instagram, Inc.

The action buttons won’t happen right now. It will happen in the near future but the direct inbox for business profiles got active yesterday with of course the latest Instagram version 😊

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