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Tactics to Promote Your Blog Content on Facebook

Starting to get involved with the digital world industry, I noticed the high cost of traditional marketing for companies. It was some crazy numbers just to be featured in a little corner of a magazine. Big companies can afford it but do you think it's smart for a start up will start to spend its entire ad budget on such things? NO! Well… I hope not.

We now live in a beautiful era where start ups are can still be competitive because in 2017 we have this wonderful platform called “social media advertisement”! YES! Guess what? It is so much cheaper and more accurate to reach out to your target demographic! It sounds like we are winning the jackpot but not really… If you don’t implement the right strategy to advertise online, you will also not see any returns and will waste your time and money.

OK! You have a website, your social media platforms are ready, now what? Now, it is time to start writing about your expertise and about your specific niche. It can mean blogging, if you do not want to blog you can always hire someone, but make sure to find the right blogger who specializes in your field - or at the very least, can convey your brand's personality the way you want. So, now you have your blog up, and you have shared a couple articles then what’s next? Here come social media platforms to help you promote and bring traffic to your site. Facebook is great to promote your blog content but keep in mind that billions of users are using it for the same reasons as you so learn the best way to attract users to your page.

Here are some tactics to assist you in getting more clicks on your content:

  1. Share your blog content on Facebook

Start sharing as much as you can on your Facebook page. Remember - Quality over quantity . It is important to show your audience that you have credibility with your expertise. When you launch your Facebook Campaign, people will start liking your page and will get curious and start reading your blog content. Keep in mind to have attractive titles to entice people to click. When you start having more likes on an article, then boost it.

2. Use Attractive Headlines

As I mentioned above, think about if it was you behind the screen. I’m pretty sure your brain pushes you to click on an article when that article visually attracts you, right? It’s all related to psychology. Funny fact but real, include numbers in your headlines and make it short and simple.

3. Target it right

When you boost your post, you already know who you would want to click on so make sure to pick the right target audience with the specifics needed.

4. Use emojis

We all know that we love a few colors, emojis, and symbols. Test a boost content, one with emojis and one without and compare the analytics. It does not mean that if you have a lower rate without having an emoji in the description it is because of not including an emoji, but study the patterns of your boost content with emojis and without emojis. In one word - Experiment!

5. Use Quality Images

It is a big plus and plays a major key role in using the right image for your post. People are naturally attracted by quality images because we love attractive captures and will automatically want to click to see what it is about. Make sure to use a picture that can be related to your content. Try to innovate with including different pictures than those we always see on stock photos! We all love creativity; you will be thankful you chose to think outside the box with your visual content.

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