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Bye Bye Instagram Pod Groups

Instagrammers, you’re probably very frustrated if you noticed that your engagement has been going down. You also probably wonder what the heck is happening with Instagram and why it seems like a constant battle! Does it feel like the movie 300? Maybe less bloody but it’s WAR! The good news is that you’re not alone, everyone is affected with Instagram, Inc. changes.

This past couple days, Facebook has been doing a major bots clean up. All these fake accounts that like your posts but in reality don’t bring any value to you… Well they are getting deleted! BYE BYE! It’s a fantastic news so don’t panic seeing your numbers of likes going down because now you have more chance of having real accounts liking your content. I know everyone is all about the numbers, we get it but focus on who’s engaging with your business. If you have less likes but you have a conversation then you’re a winner because it means people took the time to read what you said and not just liking it as an Instagram auto-reflex 🤣

Facebook also took some major actions against Instagram pod groups. If you aren’t familiar with it, let me explain it to you. Pretty smart but Facebook and Instagram are smarter 😬 Pod groups are filled with Instagram users who are like a conspiracy group… If a member of the group posts, then everyone from the group has to go like and comment! 😲 A quick response to a post with so much popularity will increase the reach on the explore feed which means more exposure! 😉 You might think this is an awesome technique… NO! 🚫

These pod groups require lot of time, imagine you have to be on it all the time because as soon as someone from the group posted you MUST like and comment. Like who does that? Who has the time for that? No thank you! Yes it will bring all these 1k likes but the question is: Are they converting? The response is simple... NO! It does not do any good for your business! They aren’t customers! They are hackers and it just makes your account looks good with no results.

This hacking technique is coming to an end and we are so glad!!!! Don’t get fooled by numbers 😉 Be consistent with your branding, don’t try to take shortcuts 😜

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