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Instagram New Algorithm has been revealed!

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If you’re in the social media marketing industry or if you’re a social media savvy you know that the word algorithm is what we all try to figured out. As soon as we think we got it down, BOOM! It changes! Instagram, Inc is usually very conservative on the idea of giving us more information regarding their algorithm and how it works. Today, the good news is that they FINALLY give us insights on how and why our visual content shows up the way it does in our feed, plus we have more information about rumors! One recommendation for rumors regarding Instagram algorithm is don’t listen to everyone! It’s ok to listen to well-known experts from our industry but make sure you make your own research as well, because reading some blog posts from so and so doesn’t mean that it’s legit information. Often it’s personal opinion mixed with some vague info. Alright, so let’s get going with what Instagram revealed.

  • Your feed: Instagram’s product lead said, “Instagram relies on machine learning based on your past behavior to create a unique feed for everyone. Even if you follow the exact same accounts as someone else, you’ll get a personalized feed based on how you interact with those accounts.”

Isn’t it crazy? A machine learning program who’s analyzing your past behavior?! This is amazing! I’m all about studying the society’s behavior 😅 So keep in mind that the more you interact with an account the more their posts will show up to the top of your feed. It prioritizes what you engage the most with. Instagram said 90% of people will see “friends and family” posts first. Even if it's not family nor friends but you interact a lot with this account, it considers it "family and friends". It's IG's logic, it makes total sense to me!

3 Most Important IG Factors:

  • Interest: Instagram is like a magician seriously, they predict what kind of post you might like better. With their predictions (based on previous behaviors), they will show it at the top of your feed. Little reminder, don’t scroll and like everything on the explorer tab, pay more attention. We’re saying this because when you go to explorer, then the photos/videos are based on what you have liked.

  • Timeliness: Instagram now prefers to show the most recent photos instead of the ones with more likes and comments. It shifted to when the photo was posted.

  • Relationship: That’s coming back to the subject of “friends and family” Make sure to engage with really what makes sense to you, and not just commenting to get a follow back. Instagram is really pushing on the social part like it used to be.

Let’s Clear The Rumors:

  • NO, you don’t get less engagement if you have a business profile instead of a personal account. No favors based on what type of account you have.

  • Videos don’t favor your account. In the past, we were aware that Facebook and IG were pushing users to have more videos but not anymore, it doesn’t matter. Again, it’s based on your interaction with other accounts not what type of content (photos/videos) you post.

  • Using all IG features to get rank higher in the feed is not a thing anymore. A product designer from IG said, “we don’t favor accounts that use different parts of the app more than others. The only way to get your content higher ranked is to produce great content.”

  • The imaginary rule that people say: Use only 10 hashtags , use only 5 hashtags , or use 30 of them! I never listened to them and did my own experience and I was right 😉 Instagram stated, “it doesn’t hide people’s content for posting too many hashtags or taking other actions”.

Well, we hope that you got a better understanding of how the wizard algorithm works now! 😂 Cheers!

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