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Instagram Q1 Updates 2018

Instagram wallpaper

2018 started very fresh with Instagram implementing new features constantly. We, social media marketers, have to keep up with the these trends and new features on social media channels. The good thing about this industry is that you will never get bored. A good tip for new social media marketers- read about social media updates and trends every day from reliable sources, blog posts (written by experts), and even groups on Facebook who can keep you in the loop.

Keeping up and trying to find out Instagram's new algorithm takes just as much investigation as trying to solve a mystery case. That’s what’s going on with Instagram! Thankfully, our hours of research and conversation within the industry helps a lot to figure out as much as we can to help businesses. I will dive into this subject in our next article; today, we will keep our focus on Instagram's most recent new features.


Instagram is testing a new feature to allow users to “regram” posts to stories. What does it mean? You know sometimes you want to share someone’s post into your stories, so you take a screenshot and then add it. Well, now they are trying to make it easier for you. For those who have access to the new feature, you will click on the share button below the image; then it will appear as “Add post to your story.” Of course, Instagram is nice enough to give us the option of turning this feature off by changing your privacy settings.

  • Settings > “Allow Resharing to Stories”


Type Mode is also one of the newest features, beginning February 1st, 2018. You probably have wanted to just write your thoughts directly on your stories but couldn’t without adding a picture or video on which to type your words. Well, Instagram now lets its users add pages to their stories with just text. You have various options on the colors, background type, different style of format, adding stickers, etc. In general, most of the users are pleased with this new feature but some argue that Instagram is losing its originality because it’s becoming less of an app where you just consume pictures on pictures.

  • Swipe left to start your stories > Click on Type at the bottom of the screen > Enjoy!


Stories GIF’s support came alive on January 23, 2018. You can increase the fun with adding a coffee pot brewing, people dancing, dancing animals, etc. Anything you can think of, you can probably find a GIF to add to your story!

  • Swipe left to start your stories > Click on the sticker in the top right corner > Click on GIF > Drag the one you want > And here it is!

Instagram is also adding support for photos and videos of any size ratio to be uploaded to Stories. Once enabled, you’ll be able to pinch the uploaded image or video to share it in its original ratio. You no longer have to explain to your friends why they’ve been abruptly cropped from your story. Instagram says the extra room surrounding the image will be filled with a custom color gradient that matches it.


On January 18, 2018; Instagram launched a new feature to keep innovating with the message option. You can now see when users were last active on IG! Similar to Facebook Messenger but if you don't want this option then you can turn it off with just a few clicks.

  • Settings, scroll down until you get to "Show activity status" and you can turn it off.

PS: If you decide to disable it for yourself, then you won’t be able to see the “Show activity status” for anyone else.

Resharing Instagram Stories

We have a #5 which is Instagram allowing to post any kind of photos and video sizes but this one deserves its own post, so more details to come! Stay tuned!

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