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3 Best Benefits To Use Your Social Media Ads With a Landing Page


Running social media ads on Facebook or/and Instagram is a great way to get attraction and leads for your business, but where are you directing your visitors to? The Hhomepage of your website? If it’s yes, then we need to make changes to that. We are going to tell you why from now on you should design landing pages with your ads. (You will thank us later :)

What’s a landing page?

A landing page in the marketing and advertisement industries means any web page where a visitor arrives or “lands” on. That's the simple way of explaining it- but some wonder “well isn’t it the same as a homepage?” No! The difference between a homepage and landing page is that a landing page made for a specific purpose, designed for one focused objective that is related to your social media ads. You have probably seen it on many websites and did not realize that those were actual landing pages, for an example: When you clicked on an ad and were directed on a new website page and the first thing you see is a page where you fill out information to subscribe to a VIP mailing list for an event, download an eBook, buy a product, etc.

Why use a landing page?

Promoting your business online is not an easy task, many little tricks are needed to have people click on your ads. The social media channels are getting harder and harder to get eyes on your content because the algorithm is always changing reducing the lifetime of your posts and ads. BUT, this is where landing pages come in! A landing page is your chance to convert those visitors into leads into future clients.

If your ads send people to your website homepage you already have lost them, it is not as focused as it should be. They will lose focus and start checking the website for a bit then leave, that’s not what you want! If you created a specific ad for getting a free e-book on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle, then the people who click on your ad are looking to know more about this e-book right? Not to check your homepage! You need a focus landing page dedicated to what you are offering them.

Benefits of a landing page:

  1. Conversion

The main focus of a landing page is conversion. Using the analytics of social media ads are wonderful to see the demographics of who has been clicking on your ads, but it does not tell you everything. Does it mean you will get their information such as an email address, a name, a telephone number? No! Eventually, that’s what you will need so, you need to incorporate into your social media advertiseing strategy a landing page. The landing page can give you the information you need to contact those visitors who could be your next clients. However, be careful how you set up the landing page, if you ask too much information from your visitors, it will deter them from filling out the form because we all know that we have busy lives and don’t have the time or the want to out our personal information.

  1. Bye Bye Distractions

We live in a world of distractions and websites are another way to get distracted. You do not want that to happen when you launch your social media ads; have a specific goal in mind and use your landing page to achieve that goal. When someone clicks on your ad, they didn’t click to see a gallery of pictures or your “about us” page, they clicked to learn more about what your product/service is.

  1. A/B Test Landing Pages

We can't say it enough-test, test, and test! That’s how you will know which landing pages work best for you. Experimenting is the best way to learn what will make your conversion rate higher. You can do different landing pages for different ads, which is recommended. You might use specific keywords for an ad that your usual permanent landing page does not have, but this is the beauty of it because you can design different landing pages focused on your specific ad. After doing a run of 2-3 landing pages, check the conversion rate per landing page. Analyze in detail what works better and what does not work.

Here is a link to have a better understanding of how landing pages look. This will show you the 100 best landing pages of major companies from 2017. Enjoy!

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